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MokshshilAhmedabad-based Mokshshil was founded in 2015 by Bilva Desai and Abhijeet Singh. They provide guidance before, during, and after the funeral. Be it Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism or Zoroastrianism, they can provide assistance to the rituals of all religions. They help families take decisions and give them advice regarding all the funeral arrangements. They help families pay tribute with pictures, videos, etc with their feature Mokshanjali. A segment called MokshYatra provides packages for Pilgrimage Tourism. Another segment, Prebook, allows people to book in advance so that they can better take care of costs involved. With AntimKriya, they will help you with the documentation, bringing the loved ones into cars from hospital or home, arranging the priest, getting the flowers, arrangement of bhajan mandli. One of the major differential is that it offers repatriation services; they make sure that all the paper work is done and that the transportation of the deceased is done in a proper and systematic way.