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Kashimoksha Inc

kashimokshaKashimoksha Inc was founded by Jata Shankar Dwivedi in 2008. Based out of Varanasi, this startup provides funeral services to all Hindus around the world. Their services include Asthi Visarjan, Varshik Shradh, Tripindi, Brahmin Bhoj, Narayan Bali, Rudrabhishek, etc. Each of these services has different type depending on the level of details, starter, silver, gold and platinum and they’re charged accordingly. These services are provided through the expert acharyas. The services include a skype interaction for the families who live far away. They also hold anniversary rituals on behalf of the relatives and then send a video of the same.

Families can pack the cremated remains of the deceased and send them across to Kashimoksha and on receiving it, puja shall be performed by the aacharyas.

Founded by Shruthi Reddy in February 2016, Kolkata-based Anthyesti is an end-to-end funeral service provider. From bringing the hearse van, the cremation and ending with shraadh ceremony, Anthyesti will cater to all these services. They provide services for Bengalis, Arya Samajis, Biharis, Marwaris, Sindhis and Punjabis. Broadly, their services include getting hearse vans, booking priests, getting mortuary space, booking banquet halls, getting funeral helper and repatriation.