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L to R: Abhimanyu Dhamija and Saurabh Goel

L to R: Abhimanyu Dhamija and Saurabh Goel

Company: Amber Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Area of operation: Online beauty and wellness

Founded: August 2015

Founders: Abhimanyu Dhamija and Saurabh Goel

Funding: Around $1 million

Investors: Undisclosed angel investors

Business model: Amber was a beauty and wellness platform where users could discover and book beauty professionals, stylists and salons as well as buy beauty products. Launched as online beauty services for all, it later began focusing on late-stage pregnant women and young mothers based on the insights from data it gathered over months. It had partnered with child care services marketplace BabyChakra and similar ventures for the same, which helped it grow the business.

The collapse: However, upon realising that the online home beauty is not a behaviour-changing business and that it needs a lot of capital infusion to survive, the founders took a conscious call to shut the business last month in all three cities that it served – Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. “It was a conscious decision that we have taken to not be in this business. Fundamentally, home beauty service is not a behaviour-changing experience. After running the business for nearly eight months, we did develop deep insights. It’s a stylist-driven business. Most other companies out there are becoming lead capturing or order capturing business— they are not able to match the right stylist to the right customer, manage logistics or match the local demand and supply. We were trying to do all these. However, our insights taught us that home beauty is not a heavy growth engine and we shifted our focus to pregnant women and young mother. The strategy worked for us. However, we realised that this could become a real business if we can pump in a lot of money. So ours was an experience- and data-driven decision,” Dhamija told Techcircle.in.

The company has closed the website and pulled out its mobile app from the Google Play Store.

Dhamija and Goel are now working on a new startup idea and are likely to launch it in a few months’ time.