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Avinash Singh and Aatish Kumar

Avinash Singh and Aatish Kumar

Company: MealHopper Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Area of Operation: Food-tech

Founded: March 2015

Headquarter: Gurgaon

Founders: Avinash Singh and Aatish Kumar

Funding: Raised $100,000 in seed funding in October 2015

Investors: Ixigo co-founders Aloke Bajpai and Rajnish Kumar, and other unnamed other angel investors

Business Model: The MealHopper marketplace connected local cooks with users for homemade meals. Last November, it claimed that it was delivering about 100 meals a day and was also planning to launch operations in three more cities by March 2016.

The Collapse: Since May 18, MealHopper has stopped taking orders on its website and app. It couldn’t be ascertained whether the company has completely shut shop. MealHopper co-founder and CEO Avinash Singh refused to comment when contacted, but a person privy to the developments at the company had told TechCircle.in, “They have been trying to keep the operations running but the business was going through a tough phase. There were difficulties in raising funds, operational challenges and various logistical challenges.”