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Aman Haji, Pratik Moona and Prashant Jain

Aman Haji, Pratik Moona and Prashant Jain

Company: Humble Egg Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Area of Operation: Apparel rental

Founded: July 2015

Headquarter: Bangalore

Founders: Aman Haji, Pratik Moona and Prashant Jain

Funding: Raised Rs 6 crore in seed round in August 2014

Investors: Incubator TracxnLabs, other unnamed investors

Business Model: Klozee was an online platform which rented out designer apparels. It offered a detailed catalogue of clothes from a number of brands and designers. “Demand was a lot slower than we expected. The idea would have taken a lot of money and investment to scale up. So we decided to shut down in January,” Aman Haji, co-founder, Klozee said.

The Collapse: The platform closed down earlier this month. All the three co-founders have now joined home decor marketplace Livspace. According to their LinkedIn profiles, Haji has joined Livspace’s strategy team, Moona has joined as developer and Jain has been appointed general manager. Four of its 10-member team have been hired by online fashion store Voonik.