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Freecultr’s CPO quits to join OYO Rooms


Talvinder Singh, Product Head, OYO Rooms

Talvinder Singh, chief product officer of fashion e-commerce portal Freecultr, has quit the company within six months after joining it.

Talvinder, who had joined Freecultr in August 2015, joined budget hotels aggregator OYO Rooms as product head.

When contacted by Techcircle, both Talvinder and Freecultr’s CEO Sandeep Singh declined to comment on the departure. Freecultr didn’t clarify if it found a replacement for Talvinder.

Talvinder had earlier co-founded Tushky, a 500 Startups-backed online marketplace for discovering and monetising leisure activities, which closed shop last August after it failed to scale up at a time when the funding environment began to dry up. Tushky’s other co-founder, Kranti Agrawal, has joined the core team of food-tech startup Holachef.

Freecultr was co-founded by Sandeep Singh, Sujal Shah and Rajesh Narkar in December 2011 with backing from the Harish Bahl’s Smile Group, which runs a slew of e-commerce sites. Sandeep took over as CEO of the company after Shah quit in 2013. Shah is currently floating a fashion portal called BandraRoad.com.

Freecultr’s last funding round happened in December 2011, when it raised $4 million from Sequoia Capital India. In an earlier interview, Sandeep said the company would be touching Rs 100 crore GMV run rate soon and are looking at growing its designer base to cross 3 lakh by 2016.

Recently, OYO Rooms also hired two co-founders of health tech startup Qlik Pass, Rahul Gupta and Rishi Swami, for its data science and analytics department. It also appointed Siddhartha Dasgupta, who was earlier with Blackberry, as president of corporate affairs.

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Abhimanyu April 14, 2016 11:56

He didn’t quit, he was kicked-off.

All his previous start-ups were a huge failure too, somehow he manages to get a job at Freecultr.

No doubt, Freecultr faced bad times, but hiring new employees with no relevant experience at all was an unfit step.

Now, OYO rooms did that – hired new CPO with 6 months experience as a product officer.