Facebook unveils new app Riff for collaborative videos

Facebook unveils new app Riff for collaborative videos

Riff3Social media network Facebook has launched a new app called Riff that allows users to create collaborative videos. Riff is available for both Android and iOS now and in 15 languages worldwide.

This seems to be an effort by Facebook to increase user engagement and possibly generate video ads in the future.

How Riff works

The use process starts by creating a topic on Riff and posting a video which is then shared with the user's friends. They can view it and in turn choose to add their own clips on that topic after logging in using Facebook ID.

In this way, a short video can become an inventive project between circles of friends.

Videos have a max runtime of 20 seconds and can be fast forwarded if the video threads become lengthy.

Riff will compete with JumpCam, Vyclone, MixBit and Snapchat's Our Stories feature.

Facebook Riff
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