TC Roundup: Nasdaq nears 5,000—does a tech bubble loom?

TC Roundup: Nasdaq nears 5,000—does a tech bubble loom?

Nasdaq nears 5,000—does a tech bubble loom?: "Yes we're in a bubble."

"Heck no, we're not in a bubble."

That was the conversation overheard at a recent tech meet in Shoreditch, London, where entrepreneurs and savvy tech investors debated over whether the Nasdaq trading within striking distance of 5,000 means bubbly, high-growth tech stocks were about to burst.(CNBC)

eBay launches Pulsar, an open-source tool for quickly taming big data: E-commerce giant eBay needs to deal with new usage data — to personalize content and detect fraud, among other things — within seconds. So engineers went and built something to perfectly meet the company's needs: Pulsar.

The company revealed details about the system for the first time today, and eBay is making it available for anyone to use under an open-source license. (Venture Beat)

Facebook policies taken to task in report for data-privacy issues: A report commissioned for Belgium's privacy watchdog on Facebook Inc.'s revised policies and terms-of-use concluded that they give users a false sense of control over their data privacy, and that the Silicon Valley social-network company is acting in violation of European privacy law. (The Wall Street Journal)

Google strikes mobile payments deal with big wireless carriers, buys Softcard Technology: Google has inked a distribution deal with the biggest wireless carriers in the U.S. to get the Google Wallet payments app pre-installed on their phones. At the same time, Google is buying technology from Softcard, the mobile payments app backed by the same carriers. (Recode)

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