TC Roundup: Apple $1T stock market value could be years away

TC Roundup: Apple $1T stock market value could be years away

Apple $1 trillion stock market value could be years away: Activist Investor Carl Icahn thinks Apple Inc is already worth over $1 trillion but others on Wall St. think it will take a few more years for the iPhone maker's stock value to get there.

With Apple's stock market value ballooning this week beyond $700 billion, larger than Switzerland's gross domestic product, activist investor Icahn said the technology company's shares should be trading at $216 apiece, equivalent to a market capitalization of about $1.26 trillion. (Reuters)

Xiaomi plans to sell accessories in the U.S., not phones: Red-hot startup Xiaomi said Thursday that it plans to open a U.S. e-commerce site in the next few months, but has no plans to sell phones or tablets here any time soon.

The company will sell products such as its headphones and back-up batteries, but not higher-end products that require extensive localization, testing and regulatory approval. Even the company's high-definition TV is unlikely to be sold here, Senior VP Hugo Barra told Re/code. (Recode)

China's two biggest taxi apps reportedly considering a merger: China's two largest mobile taxi-hailing applications backed by Internet giants Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Tencent Holdings Ltd. are discussing a merger that could end their escalating battle to win customers and create a dominant player, according to people familiar with the situation. (The Wall Street Journal)

Nokia settles spat with London startup over trademarked 'HERE' branding: Two weeks ago, news emerged of a spat emerging between Nokia and a London-based startup called Lowdown over its use of the HERE brand — a brand Nokia has used for its mappping and navigation platform since 2012. Today, we can reveal an agreement has been reached between the two companies, with Lowdown confirming to VentureBeat that it will rebrand and remove all mentions of HERE in the coming months. (VentureBeat)

Everyone in China loves their smartphones, but people are using surprisingly little data each month: China has about 520 million active smartphone users right now. Unlike in most of Asia's developing nations, China's smartphone market is mature and close to its saturation point. Despite all this well-established growth, China's smartphone users are still using surprisingly little data each month – in fact, they're using just a quarter of the global average. (Tech in Asia)

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