TC Roundup: Indie cinemas play leading role in Sony's 'Interview' comeback

TC Roundup: Indie cinemas play leading role in Sony's 'Interview' comeback

Indie cinemas play leading role in Sony's 'Interview' comeback: High-brow art house theaters and low-key college town cinemas became the unlikely stars of a Hollywood comeback by convincing the powerful Sony Pictures studio on Tuesday to let them screen "The Interview," the film shunned by the multiplexes and corporate chains.

Film buyer Jan Klingelhofer found herself in down-to-the-wire dealings with a studio known for its careful planning. (Reuters)

Apple performs first auto-update of OS X to fix critical security flaw: Apple automatically—and without users' permission—began updating Mac computers all around the world Monday. The reason? "Critical security vulnerabilities." The move followed the release of a report suggesting that OS X, the software that runs Apple's laptop and desktop computers, was susceptible to remote attacks.

The issue affects UNIX-based systems such as OS X (and not Microsoft 'sMSFT +0.98% Windows), and is particularly dangerous because it allows attackers to gain root access to a system without the user having to download anything to set the takeover in motion. (The Wall Street Journal)

Korean authorities charge Uber over transportation laws, threaten CEO with jail time: Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is facing a possible fine or jail sentence in Korea after prosecutors charged the company and its founder with violating local transportation laws, according to Yonhap News.

The controversial U.S. taxi booking service is currently under pressure from authorities in Taiwan and Thailand right now, but barely a day seems to pass without some regulator or government somewhere taking exception to its business model. These charges in Korea, however, are more substantial than the ban that Uber tends to attract. (Tech Crunch)

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