TC Roundup: Obama calls Sony hack 'Cybervandalism' not act of war

TC Roundup: Obama calls Sony hack 'Cybervandalism' not act of war

Obama calls Sony hack 'Cybervandalism' not act of war: President Barack Obama said that the North Korean hacking of Sony Pictures' computer systems was an act of "cybervandalism," not an act of war, and confirmed that the U.S. was considering adding North Korea back to the list of state sponsors of terrorism.

In an interview that aired Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union," Mr. Obama said that the United States was reviewing its options in response to the attack. (The Wall Street Journal)

Amazon's cloud business a harder sell in post-Snowden era: This spring, Taser International Inc won a small but high-profile contract to supply body cameras to the London police. But the deal nearly collapsed over one issue: where the video footage would be stored.

In the end, the deal survived only after Taser dropped Inc as the data storage provider for the year-long project. The fact that Amazon did not have a data center in Britain was a deal breaker for British officials, according to Taser. (Reuters)

Microsoft removes all third party Snapchat Apps from the Windows Phone Store: Snapchat confirmed in November that it would crack down on all third party apps, and now the ax has fallen on the Windows Phone app store, which no longer contains any third party apps as Windows Central reports.

The U.S. company doesn't have an official app for Windows Phone, so that means anyone who owns a phone running the Microsoft OS can't download a Snapchat compatible app. Those that already have one — such as 6snap, the most popular option — are also having their accounts locked for using a third-party app. That's another security measure that Snapchat promised last month to implement. (Tech Crunch)

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