TC Roundup: Fire-safety concerns sank Google's barges

TC Roundup: Fire-safety concerns sank Google's barges

Fire-safety concerns sank Google's barges: A year ago, mysterious "Google barges" near San Francisco and Portland, Me., captured media and public attention. Then, as curiosity peaked, the barges sailed away. (The Wall Street Journal)

Germany, Brazil push the U.N. to be tougher on digital spying: Germany and Brazil are pushing the United Nations to be tougher on spying by beefing up an earlier U.N. resolution raising concerns that mass surveillance, interception of digital communications and personal data collection could harm human rights.

In a follow up to a U.N. resolution adopted last year, the two countries have drafted a new text that now includes metadata. The draft says unlawful or arbitrary surveillance, interception of communications and collection of personal data, including metadata, are "highly intrusive acts." (Reuters)

Microsoft teases first non-Nokia Lumia smartphone unveiling for November 11: Microsoft is getting ready to unveil its first device under the Microsoft Lumia brand. According to a very short post on the Microsoft Mobile site, the news will drop on November 11, 2014. (Venture Beat)

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