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India emerging as a hub for connected cars revolution

App to control Mahindra Reva's e20 car

App to control Mahindra Reva’s e20 car

Maruti Suzuki, the largest car company in India with annual sales of $8 billion, recently launched its luxury sedan Ciaz which sported the Linux-based operating system connecting the car to smartphones, which was developed by Robert Bosch Engineering India (RBEI) in Bangalore.

Mahindra Reva’s 600 E2O hatchback cars are already connected on a mobile platform which integrates data flow from car to the mobile and from there on to the command centre of Mahindra Reva. Currently the Reva App helps the user to lock and open the doors; it allows control of the temperature system and also remotely triggers a battery for extra mileage.

“I am opening up my telematics unit for developers to build apps which can practically make the car a device,” says Chetan Maini, CTO of Mahindra Reva, who has already begun using the data for predictive maintenance of his cars, to connect with his consumers and to drive home the merits of clean energy driving.

He adds that iterations include streaming of music, voice- and gesture-based controls of cars and using the mobile to operate the car.

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