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Angels 16: Sumit Gupta

Sumit Gupta

Sumit Gupta

Gupta is an entrepreneur in the gaming space. He founded BitRhymes Inc. (also known as Bash Gaming) and serves as its Chief Executive Officer, besides having 15 years of product and business experience in media and technology of which last five years have been in building social mobile games. Prior to founding Bash Gaming, he was VP strategy and business development at Monetize Media and a founding member of Business Signatures acquired by Entrust. Before that he was with Oracle CRM division.

Invesments: MixerBox, Pingpad, vidIQ, AdsNative, sendwithus, Blinkfire Analytics, Sense, NetPlenish, Equidate, U Grok It – Smartphone RFID, True Link, Narvar, Brilliant, Weaved, Contactually, Red Clay, AngelList Syndicates Fund I, Birdi, ShareRoot, Wise.io, Inc., Gil Penchina Backers Fund I, OneFold, Tandem Capital, GotIt!, Venovate, popSLATE, Light of Hand, Avails Medical, Inc.

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