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Angels 16: Manish Singhal

Manish Singhal

Manish Singhal

Singhal is a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor. He is a founding member at LetsVenture, which is an online platform for startups to raise early stage investment. Singhal is also an active mentor on the CIIE Mentor Edge Panel (IIM Ahmedabad), Start-up Village (Kochi) and Venture Labs (Stanford University). Before starting LetsVenture, Singhal, an IITian spent many years at Motorola as its project manager. He joined Ittiam & Sling Media in their initial stages and helped build world-class products & teams right from scratch.

Investments: Freshersworld.com, Apartment Adda, FlipClass, AdSpark, Frrole, Ecosenseworld.com, India College Search.

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