Angels 16: Dr Sam Mehta

Angels 16: Dr Sam Mehta

Mehta is the director of Atlas Venturez (family offices) and Dr Mehta's Hospitals. He has been the founder of multiple healthcare ventures including Mehta Children's Hospitals, Atlas Advisory (enterprise accelerator) and Everonn Medical Education (Health Education JV).

Mehta brings over two decades of enterprise leadership, multi-national operating, project management, governance, strategic consulting, investment management and entrepreneurial experience within leading organisations like McKinsey & Company, Shell and Fortune 10 and family business companies across multiple sectors including healthcare, education, energy, chemicals, technology and retail across Asia, Europe, Latin and North America. He was a former venture advisor with TVS Capital and election observer with the OSCE/UN.

He has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and master's degrees in Manufacturing Engineering Management as well as Chemical Engineering.

Invesments: Skyfi Labs, ProKlean, India Home Health Care.

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