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LocalCircles unveils community-based social network, focuses on Delhi-NCR

localcircles-logoDelhi-based LocalCircles India Pvt Ltd has unveiled Localcircles.com, a community-based social network for residents of Delhi-NCR. The online platform enables people to connect with local communities such as neighbours, colleagues, parents/teachers, nearby friends & family and other locals sharing common interests. The portal also helps people seek assistance from their local communities in cases like fire, medical emergency and women’s safety issues. The mobile-friendly portal can also be accessed from one’s handset.

Around 2,000 local businesses are listed on LocalCircles, based on their popularity and credibility. Listing is free and by invitation only.

“After what we have seen so far in Delhi-NCR, we are bringing back the sense of community which used to exist when our cities were small,” said Sachin Taparia, chairman and managing director of LocalCircles.

To ensure the credibility and security, the portal allows people to sign up by invitation only. “When a user from a specific area requests for membership, a personalised invitation containing a unique sign-up code is sent. The unique code ensures that a Defence Colony resident only joins the Defence Colony Neighbourhood network and not the Friends Colony network,” explained Mukesh Gupta, president and CEO of LocalCircles.

“LocalCircles is the need of the hour in cities like Delhi-NCR. It is very important for both young and old people to know who their neighbours are. There is no better system to launch today in Delhi-NCR than LocalCircles,” said Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit who officially launched the portal.

“Delhi has a participative governance model where 3,000-plus RWAs (Residential Welfare Associations) come together from all parts of society. LocalCircles will add a new dimension by bringing a much more effective way for the RWAs and the citizens in a neighbourhood to communicate with each other,” added Dikshit.

LocalCircles is the brainchild of Taparia and Gupta who started the company in 2012. Prior to this venture, Taparia was the co-founder and managing director of Aviall India, a Boeing subsidiary. He is also serving on the advisory board of TVS and Sons, an auto services business. He is also a panellist and contributor on Business Integrity Forum and India World Economic Forum.

Gupta was earlier in Silicon Valley and managed the security appliances product line (a $300 million/year business) for Juniper Networks. He spent 14 years in Silicon Valley, building, managing, and marketing hi-tech products for companies such as Juniper, Tropos Networks and Nokia.

In April 2012, a similar concept, Treetle.com, was launched in Bangalore. Initially, the portal catered to Bangalore residents only but in July 2012, Treetle became a pan-India platform.

(Edited by Sanghamitra Mandal)


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Varun Bhavnani March 4, 2013 18:31

Good article. I am a user of LocalCircles in Noida and pretty happy.. Have used Treetle as well in the past. The best thing about LocalCircles is that it is real people and much more trusted. Treetle was very casual.

Ahimanikya Satapathy March 5, 2013 12:42

Site looks good, but nothing is clickable, may be if they can collaborate with product like DocEngage to empower local communities with more and more tools that will be interesting.

Jose March 5, 2013 14:57

Interesting concept. Hope they will get the taste of success soon and introduce their services to other cities.

Sunjay March 6, 2013 7:20

I have read articles from their MD and met him at a CII event in Delhi. I believe they Are trying to do the right thing and have left illustrious careers to start this initiative. Hope the city and Government support them well. One of his articles on corruption in India is the best piece I have ever read…

Varun Bhavnani March 6, 2013 12:53

I commented earlier. Our apartment in Noida was one of the first place where they started initial trials. The way I see it is that this could be the “Facebook for Daily Life” coming out of India. I love getting advise from a Real Doctor and Dietician in their Healthy Living and Diet circle knowing that I can go see them as need be.

Aditi March 7, 2013 1:24

I guess this service is similar to NextDoor (which is currently in US only). There are various local social networks catering to different niches. We recently launched Mixinity (just launched Beta) to help people discover ,connect, and hangout with like-minded people locally. So we are about interest based connections and offline mixers/events.

Pankaj Dugar March 19, 2013 19:22

Good to hear about LocalCircles. I’m the founder of Treetle, and believe the two websites serve a very different purpose. I’d love to use LocalCircles when it becomes available in Bangalore. Treetle is as casual as you want it to be, and as secure and safe as you want to make it. We have significant privacy settings for individuals / clubs / events and have seen many private clubs form (where viewing of members / discussions / etc is restricted). Happy to also note that we’ve since launched globally as well and have seen signups from over 20 countries.