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‘Tatkal’ booking to start at 10 am from July 10; Daily e-ticketing capacity raised to 5 lakh

If you need to travel in a hurry, Tatkal booking is the only option; otherwise, getting a confirmed train ticket may take days, even months. So in a bid to make Tatkal booking more convenient for the masses, reservation of Tatkal tickets will start from 10 am instead of 8 am, from July 10, and no authorised agents will be allowed to book those during the first two hours, said K. H. Muniyappa, minister of state for Railways.

This initiative also targets to curb black marketing and mass purchase of railway tickets by touts.

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), the public sector undertaking of the Ministry of Railways, has taken additional measures to improve the online ticketing system for customers. These include augmenting e-ticketing software licences and technical evaluation of mobile-based technology, among others.

“With the steep hike in airfares, the demand-supply gap for railway tickets has substantially increased, and we are trying our best to reduce it,” said Muniyappa.

E-ticket handling capacity of the IRCTC website is also being increased. As of now, the site can handle 3.5 lakh bookings a day, which will be increased to around 5 lakh bookings per day by November this year and to 8 lakh bookings a day, as per the long-term plan. Both IRCTC and Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) are working jointly in this direction.

On an average, around 1.5 million train tickets are sold every day via e-ticketing websites (through IRCTC) and reservation counters, out of which Tatkal tickets amount to around 0.17 million or 11.5 per cent. But when customers (like us) actually try and book Tatkal tickets, those are often ‘sold out’ and people have no option but to purchase those from agents at hefty prices (we actually talked to an agent and he asked for Rs 1,000 extra just to get us a confirmed Tatkal ticket).

Do you think shifting the Tatkal booking timing will actually help? Share your comments below.

(Edited by Sanghamitra Mandal)


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Anirudh July 4, 2012 17:32

Shifting time will lead to more problem. As we need to take leave for tatkal ticket.

Manoj July 4, 2012 19:28

I don’t think so these measures are gonna help general public. Shifting timing is just going to increase the Long Standing Hours for people like us in Long Ques… Its just fooling people. A Foolish decision for people like us from an Insincere Government.

vivek July 4, 2012 21:13

we do not have a seperate queue for tatkal.. how can one be at the counter exactly at 10am when other tickets are already being sold from 8 AM

ANIL BABU POTHU July 4, 2012 21:45

the new timings are very problematic for government employes . If they need Tatkal ticket they will have to take a leave from their duties. i think the old timing were much better than the new ones.

Abhilash July 4, 2012 22:56

Worst decision from Railway, this tatkal rule will screw you like anything..

wilson July 5, 2012 9:50

It does not serve the purpose .

1. Railways themselves are black marketing tickets. For example… Tatkal is earmarking 30% of the available general quota. Railways have not provided additional seats…instead seats from general quota have been seperated to be booked at premium prices. (total 100 seats…70 gen and 30 tatkal)

2. Passenger should themselves approach the counter for tickets on production of a valid ID. the image of the person should be captured at the point of booking to validate the genuineness.

3. Every time the booking official is blamed for connivance with agents…the real story is that commercial officers as well as RPF officials are hand in glove with agents. The booking official is just a BAKRA .

4. By rule waitlisted passengers are not permitted to board reserved coaches…but railways issue upto 1400 waitlisted tickets..it means ispite of having reserved well in advance there is no guarantee of comfort i travel since these waitlisted passengers board the train..Rlys should mandatorily drop waitlisted passengers name from chart as in the case of e tickets.

Rochelle July 5, 2012 12:14

I dont think it will do any good. When coming up with the idea have they considered the working people and how are they expected to book tickets. One has to take a leave just to book a tatkal ticket and every office does not have the payment gateway open at that time. And after taking a leave and still the tickets are on waitlist a person leave has been wasted. I personally think the timimg of 8a.m. was more feasible. Atleast a working person can go to work late/half day rather than miss the full day.

Vertika July 5, 2012 13:07

I totally agree with Wilson! Indian Railways being a vast network should work towards increasing its efficiency now…High Time!

ss July 5, 2012 13:15

It is indeed very good news to have shifted the Tatkal Booking time to 10 am. And the best of all agents will not be allowed to book e-tickete first two hours will definitely help “aam aadmi” to book tickets on the counter under takal. Thanks

Mohd Parvez July 5, 2012 14:03

Railway should increase the coaches of ACs as well as Sleeper Classes because throughout the year you dont not get any available seats except TATKAL – 2 days before.
And for Sales / Marketing Person, this is major problem. every night they have to be sit near to gate in Sleeper as well as ACs Coach

Rajmani July 5, 2012 14:26

People try to go to reservation office for tatkal reservation as early as possible, and they wait to open window for 2-3-4 hours, now they’ll have to wait 2 hours more.

Arvind yadav July 5, 2012 16:04

Only one decision was good that an authorised agent will not book the ticket during first 2 hours, there was no ned to change the booking time.

Joby Joseph July 5, 2012 17:43

If the Tatkal booking start time is changed from two days before travel to 24 Hrs before the start time of the particular Train , then the booking traffic will be reduced.

alex July 5, 2012 18:40

It should be made foolproof, the image of the person should be captured at the point of booking to validate the genuineness. the railway authorities will recieve big claps 4 this.

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