Eyewatch Comes As Mobile App For Emergency Alerts; Will It Make You Safer?

Eyewatch Comes As Mobile App For Emergency Alerts; Will It Make You Safer?

Delhi-based security services firm Indianeye Security Pvt Ltd has launched Eyewatch, a mobile application for Blackberry, Android and Nokia Symbian S60 smartphones which can send alert SMSes and mails to family or police.

The app works as an emergency alert system on the mobile phone which at the press of a button sends multiple messages, images, videos, sound bites and location status to near and dear ones automatically alerting them of one's emergency situation.

The company is targeting this app to help mobile users to curb incidents of molestation or attacks on women, accidents or any personal security threats that one feels is coming towards him or her.

How does Eyewatch work?

The user has to download the application and set the Emergency Response Contacts (ERC) who would be contacted in case of the emergency. Users can set upto 10 ERCs.

The process is simple. As soon as one detects a situation threatening the security, he/she has to press the send alert button and the phone will transmit messages and audio, visuals (in case of 3G phone) to all the ERCs registered by the user.

Eyewatch will also help the ERCs locate the user through various methods, even if the person is in a lift or a moving car. Does it make you safer? Well, yes and no. The application is surely an innovation but not without some drawbacks. For instance, no data or alert will be transmitted if the phone is switched off. Also, if you are somewhere with no network coverage, you won't be able to shout out to your loved ones using Eyewatch.

These are surely some technical glitches but are important for an application with such critical use.

"For the last few decades, we have seen the advent of technologies deployed for making life easier. We hope with the introduction of Eyewatch, we see a new age where the focus of new technology lies in keeping your loved ones safe," says Karan Dhaul, Director – Indianeye Security Pvt Ltd.

Whether this technology will help this vision is yet to be seen. We can hope for the best and wait to see how much Eyewatch can watch for us.

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