Former Sony Ericsson Exec Launches Digital Consumer Products Start-up

Former Sony Ericsson Exec Launches Digital Consumer Products Start-up

Sukhesh Madaan, who was till recently with American electronics accessories firm Hip Street, has started his own firm Envent World Wide Pvt Ltd, which will manufacture and distribute IT peripherals, telecom accessories and consumer digital products under the Envent brand.

Madaan has a total of 17 years in the IT and telecom industry and has worked with organisations like Intel, Microsoft, Sony Ericsson, Jindal Photo Films and Hip Street before launching Envent.

Talking about the new venture Madaan said, "I saw a lot of gap between Indian consumer aspirations, requirements and what is available for them. These gaps exist both in terms of product pricing as well as quality and features. This opportunity always existed and the emerging of new product categories like tablets and smart phones provided the last impetus to switch from employee to employer."

The firm has a team of 10 across India, China and Sri Lanka and the organisation is expected to add 25 shared resources by the end of this month.

The target audience of the brand is every individual who has access to PCs or smart phones.

Electronics product start-ups typically end up being a marketing and distribution firm playing on price gap in the market. However, one big success for such firms have been in the mobile handsets space with local brands such as Micromax, Maxx among others grabbing a pie of the bustling market at the mass end.

Envent could be looking to follow in those footsteps to replicate that success in the IT peripherals, accessories and other consumer digital products business. However, it would be one among hundreds and possibly thousands of such firms.

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