NAVTEQ Launches Real-Time Traffic Info Service In India

NAVTEQ Launches Real-Time Traffic Info Service In India

NAVTEQ, a maps and location content company has launched a real-time traffic service information service NAVTEQ Traffic Pro in the cities of Delhi and Mumbai. NAVTEQ Traffic Pro delivers detailed information about traffic speeds on motorways, main and secondary roads to enable users get more accurate estimated arrival times.

"Mumbai and Delhi are two of the world's most densely populated cities, which can be particularly challenging when it comes to helping people avoid traffic congestion. NAVTEQ's unique expertise in global traffic processing provides an accurate and seamless traffic solution that will save travelers in India time, fuel and frustration," said Ogi Redzic, vice president for NAVTEQ Traffic.

The service is already available in 24 countries, where it powers an array of connected devices including in-car navigation systems, personal navigation devices, mobile phones, smart pads and web sites.

Chicago-headquartered NAVTEQ, had last September unveiled new visual content for its NAVTEQ maps for India. The content includes motorway junction objects, sign-as-real and 3D landmarks for the top eight cities in India.

The company is also developing a search engine that will offer information as well as navigation details to reach any destination. For example, if the user searches for a restaurant, the search will offer details such as phone numbers, addresses and driving directions to help the user reach the destination.

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