RIM Sets Up Surveillance Facility In Mumbai To Help Indian Govt: Report

RIM Sets Up Surveillance Facility In Mumbai To Help Indian Govt: Report

Canada's Research In Motion Ltd. has set up a facility in Mumbai to aid the Indian government in carrying out lawful surveillance of its BlackBerry services, according to WSJ. The facility will be responsible for replying to the lawful intercept requests given by the government for consumer services of RIM. The government can submit the name of the suspects its wants to investigate and the company will in turn send replies in the form of decoded messages for that individual, although the request must have legal authorisation.

As of now India doesn't have any method in which it can intercept and decode BlackBerry enterprise email, but the company continues to emphasise that it doesn't have the keys to unlock enterprise email messages.

The company also claims that it is not operating under any deadlines from the government and believes that the government of India is now applying its security policy to all handset makers and service providers in India and not just RIM.

Although the government is working with the company to find a middle ground that is in the best interest of both, it continues to remain firm on its stand that if demands are not met, a complete shutdown of BlackBerry services in India is also possible.

RIM recently suffered from a BlackBerry service disruption in many countries (including India) which led to the company offering free download of premium apps worth more than $100 for four weeks beginning October 19.

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