India Will Hook 200M New Internet Users In Next Two Years: Rajan Anandan

India Will Hook 200M New Internet Users In Next Two Years: Rajan Anandan

Search engine giant Google expect India will add 200 million Internet users in the next two years as telecom carriers invest in high-speed wireless infrastructure and smartphones become cheaper, according to Google"s country head in India, Rajan Anandan in an interview to .

He said majority of these will access the Internet on high speed wireless networks through smart phones. So it depends upon the smartphone makers to bring out cheap and affordable smartphone that can be used by the masses, Anandan noted in the interview.

Consumer usage of online services will go hand in hand with mobile usage. Therefore, it is now critical to have a mobile-configured website, a WAP site for feature phones and smartphones. So mobile is one big trend and the second is video – because video is also huge, Anandan had told Techcircle earlier.

In the earlier interview with Techcircle he had counted mobile as one of the two big trends for Internet business in India. He said video also as huge potential. "YouTube has a significant share of users from India – 23 million, to be precise. And a typical user spends 15 minutes of viewing. We think that video is going to be a massive killer app because video can scale," he had said.
On the e-commerce growth in India, Anandan had earlier said, e-commerce market was at $5 billion and 80 per cent of it came from travel. "Now, industry sources say that the number will grow to $40 billion by 2015, but we think it will happen long before that. Travel will continue to grow at 60-70 per cent, but the non-travel segment is more than doubling in India. So, e-commerce is a massive trend right now, but on a scale of beginning to end, it's still in its early days," he had said.

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