Sony Slashes PS3 Price In India

Sony Slashes PS3 Price In India

Following the global announcement on the PS3 price drop, the India price of PS3 have also been slashed. The 160 GB PS3  is now available for a reduced price of Rs. 16,990 (15 per cent less than its original price of Rs.19,990) while the 320 GB PS3 with the PS Move Starter pack bundle will now be priced at Rs.19,990.

The offer has been brought in the country keeping in mind that the festive season is just round the corner. A number of new games are also being launched that include Move Street Cricket, Resistance 3, Move Fitness, Uncharted 3 and RA.One- The Game. While Move Street Cricket will offer a mix of cricket and motion gaming, RA.One- The Game will be based on the Bollywood movie by the same name and will be available for digital download on PS3.

PS3 offers features like motion control gaming, 3D games and movies , a Blu-ray drive, wireless internet and HDMI connectivity and the company claims that it will satisfy the multimedia needs of the complete family.

Atindriya Bose,Country Manager - Sony PlayStation, said "India is an integral part of PlayStation business growth and we are happy to synchronise  the price drop in India with the global price drop. It also provides an additional opportunity to really become an attractive proposition during the festive season. "

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